An Eastern Orthodox Nativity Pageant PDF

This Christmas pageant is intended for churches who wish to honor the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition of the Nativity. Perfect for churches of all sizes, this pageant includes adults and children in acting and singing.



After purchase you will receive a link to download this Eastern Orthodox Nativity Pageant complete with notes on accessibility, sets, costumes, and biblical references. THE PASSWORD TO OPEN THE PDF WILL BE IN A MESSAGE SENT TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS ENTERED AT PURCHASE. (Opening the PDF might require that you download Adobe.)

Reviews from people who have performed this pageant in their parish:

Beautiful, simple, flexible pageant for church or school use. Summer has pulled together music from both west and east and the traditional Orthodox Christian Nativity narrative into a well-conceived and ultimately simple to adapt program. As written, it would have been too much for us to do in one year, but the beauty of it in part is that it is not difficult to modify to fit a parish’s needs. For instance, rather than having the same two kids narrate the entire play as Narrator 1 and Narrator 2, we plan to have two narrators for each *section* needing narration, which gives more children an opportunity to have a speaking/reading role and means less preparation for all of them. We’re also planning to cut some of the songs this year, not because they aren’t lovely or possible to do in general, but because we learned last year while caroling with our church school kids that our kids don’t typically know even the simple western carols, so we will condense the program and do only a few of the songs — those think we can learn well in the weeks that remain. We’re also doing the pageant with only younger children, so we wanted to keep it as simple as possible for them (which means some of the roles more suited to older girls, for instance, will be modified). We hope to do the whole thing in future as written, once we have more of the music squared away, and kids know the basic shape of the program, but our rather short rehearsal period means that to use it a first year, it had to change. I believe, after reading the notes, that this kind of flexibility is intentional, and in the spirit of the piece. It’s an instrument and tool that you can use in its completeness, or that you can trim to fit your limitations.

-Nicole J.

Beautifully done, very doable in a small parish. Wonderful!

-Elissa Bjeletich Davis


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