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Bringing Beautiful, Accessible Orthodox Christian and Catholic Books to the Mainstream Market

Park End Books is a traditional small press bringing to market accessible curricula and emerging Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and other creedal Christian authors. Our goals are four-fold:

  • To develop fully accessible church school curricula and accompanying apps in order to include persons of all abilities in the faith.
  • To bring to market the works of Christian authors whose worldviews are shaped by the ancient tradition, the Nicene creed, the Mother of God, and the saints.
  • To develop emerging Orthodox, Byzantine Catholic, Catholic, Coptic, and sacramental Protestant voices by providing paid anthology and devotional publishing opportunities.
  • To create beautiful books.

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Our Current Featured Book: Hospitality for Healing

Seasoned with warmth and wisdom, Matushka Melissa Naasko brings us the living tradition of convalescent cookery learned from a lifetime of hospitality. Click the graphic below to learn more and order. 

feed the sick with wisdom and love. Hospitality for Healing by Melissa Naasko. Olive tones. Olive harvest monastery inset on book cover.

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