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The Grace of Being There: Single Mother Saints in Our Lives

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These raw and honest accounts from such brave and inspiring women provide an incredible depth and beauty to what a relationship with the saints can look like. They bring to light the stories of some incredible female saints and, in doing so, allow us the opportunity to see our stories in their struggles. Single mothers will not only benefit from the hope they find in these words but will take comfort in knowing the God of scripture through these stories—a God who mends our broken hearts and restores us to a life with Him by His grace.

–Mirette Abraham, Author of Mama, I See You: Finding Glimmers of Hope in the Trenches of Motherhood




Seven Orthodox and Catholic women who have lived single parent life bring you the fruits of their connection with seven women saints who were single mothers in this encouraging collection of essays. Learn about the Widow of Zarephath, St. Photini, St. Helen, St. Anthousa, St. Monica, St. Margaret of Cortona, and St. Maria of Paris as their lives intertwine with the lived experiences of faithful women who pray to them for help. Discover the grace of being there from women whose lives show you the God who meets every mother right where she is.


Summer Kinard, Editor

Charlotte Riggle, The Widow of Zarephath

Sandra C. Anderson, St. Photini

Elissa Bjeletich Davis, St. Helena

Elizabeth Gatling, St. Anthousa

Kristina Roth, St. Monica

Carrie Chuff, St. Margaret of Cortona

Angela Doll, St. Maria of Paris

Mary Sarchizian, Illustrator


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4 reviews for The Grace of Being There: Single Mother Saints in Our Lives

  1. Lilyan Andrews

    Although the book was written with single mothers in mind, I (not a single mom) enjoyed reading it and benefited greatly from it. The authors are real and honest, showing us how God’s grace has carried them through rough seasons of motherhood. Their reflections on the stories of the saints gave me a new beautiful perspective of each saint. Their spiritual friendship with the saints is admirable, along with their personal stories, it leaves the reader feeling empowered and encouraged!

    I received a free book copy in exchange for an honest review.

  2. Rebecca Scott

    This book was relatable and refreshing, and so very needed. As an Orthodox Christian and a single Mother, this book was encouraging and heartfelt, containing kernels of wisdom in each account, and a reminder which each story and saint that God’s grace is always enough. It was also a very diverse collection with was a story for every kind of single mother and every kind of parent-child relationship. Also, there was a set of reflection questions at the end of each story. While I couldn’t relate to all the reflection questions, they were still interesting to read even if they didn’t completely apply to my situation . When I was finished with the last story, I found myself wanting to read more. I especially enjoyed the stories about St. Photini and St. Helen.

    Thank you, Park End Books!
    I received a free book copy in exchange for an honest review.

  3. Voula Asimacopoulos

    Many thanks to ALL the writers featured in this book.I am unfortunately a single mom. Although this occurred because of my husband’s addiction , I was often judged and pushed out into the margins. God and the Theotokos never abandoned us.
    The authors in this book bare their souls and honestly express their struggles ( a type of martyrdom) . Each one connects with a single-mother Saint and her struggles and commitment and trust in our Lord. They show how the saints are alive and care for each one of us. I wish I had this book 10 years ago. Every chapter moved me, often to the point of tears. I will be buying a few more copies for friends of mine who are either divorced or widowed with young children.

  4. Melanie DiStefano

    I received a free copy of the book “The Grace of Being There: Single Mother Saints in Our Lives” with the request that I write an honest review. Nine women from Orthodox Christian and Byzantine Catholic Christian Traditions candidly share their experiences as either single parents, or children of single parents in this ground-breaking book.

    Sweet animations of the featured Saints accompany each essay, and the illustrator captures their personalities in a strikingly simple, warm, and communicative way.

    Some of the most edifying aspects of this collection of essays include:
    1. There are single mother Saints, with a capital “S”! The underlying message here beneficial to any person – parent or not, single parent or not – is that Saints have struggled, share in the vulnerability of the human experience, turned to Christ in their brokenness and trials and came out stronger and illumined because of doing so.
    2. We all have the potential to become Saints, with a capital “S”! Any person – parent or not, single parent or not – is created in God’s image and if we bring our trials and vulnerabilities to Jesus Christ, He transforms us.
    3. Say goodbye to shame and guilt. Confess. Repent. Forgive. And then trust that in Christ we become new creations.
    4. Single Mom, you are not alone. You can experience the love of a full family and that family is based in shared life and love – friendships with people alive on this earth and other people alive with Christ in His Kingdom. Family transcends shared bloodlines.

    I read this collection in admiration of the candor and courage of the godly women who invite us into their transformative experiences.

    Thank you for this sweet-smelling offering to God and His daughters!

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