Hospitality for Healing

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olive tones with a monastery in an olive grove. Title Hospitality for Healing. Matushka Melissa Naasko



Seasoned with warmth and wisdom, Matushka Melissa Naasko brings us the living tradition of convalescent cookery learned from a lifetime of hospitality. From Mat. Melissa’s reading about monastic caretaking, to her hands-on learning in her abuela’s kitchen, to the mutual caretaking of dear friends, to feeding her household, to feeding her whole church family and the monks at the monastery attached to the church where her husband serves, these recipes and kitchen skills carry forward a lost tradition of caring for people going through long recoveries. With the practicality readers have come to expect from her workshops and popular cookbook Fasting as a Family, Mat. Melissa highlights what it means to help others recuperate in a time when new and chronic illnesses are more common than ever.


Table of Contents

Introduction: What is Hospitality?
Chapter One: Convalescent Diets
Clear Liquid Diet
Full Liquid Diet
Mechanically Soft or Pureed Diet
Gastrointestinal Soft Diet
Low Residue Diet
Renal or Kidney Diet
○      Low Liquid Diet
○      Sodium Reduced Diet
○      Potassium Reduced Diet
○      Phosphorus Reduced Diet
○      Low Protein Diet
Chapter Two: Appealing Meals
Chapter Three: Broth and Stock
Chapter Four: Soups and Stews
●      Creamed Vegetable Soups
●      Soupe Alexander
●      Chicken and Dumpling Soup
●      Beef and Barley Soup
●      Creamy Mushroom Soup
●      Sopa de Arroz (Mexican Rice Soup)
Chapter Five: Gelatin
●      Basic Fruit Gelatin
●      Basic Creamy Gelatin
●      Fruit Studded Gelatin
●      Basic Aspic
●      Kholodets (Studded Aspic)
●      Panna Cotta (Cream Gelatin)
●      Fruit Smoothies
●      Molded Salmon Salad
●      Fudge Pops
Chapter Six: Beverages
●      Flavored Dairy Coffee Creamer
●      Flavored Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer
●      Herb-Infused Simple Syrup
●      Spiced Simple Syrup
●      Simple Iced Tea by the Pitcher
●      Russian Style Tea by the Pitcher
●      Lemonade
●      Mexican Style Hot Chocolate
●      Mulling Spices for Apple Juice, Apple Cider, Wine
●      Hot Toddy
Chapter Seven: Entrees
●      Lower Phosphorus White Sauce Mix
●      Dairy White Sauce Mix
●      Gentle Cooked Cereal
●      Rich Cooked Cereal
●      Gentle Scrambled Eggs
●      Rich Scrambled Eggs
●      Easy Macaroni and Cheese
●      Mini Meatloaves
●      Chicken Salad Spread
●      Watched Pot Hard-Boiled Eggs
●      Easy Oven Baked Hard-Cooked Eggs
●      Egg Salad
Chapter Eight: Fruits and Desserts
●      Berry Compote
●      High-Protein Milkshake
●      High-Protein Sorbet
●      Whipped Cream
●      Whipped Coconut Cream
●      Coconut Milk Fruit Sorbet
●      Fruit Juice Granita (Chipped Ice)
Chapter Nine: Vegetables
●      Homemade Vegetable Purees
●      Maple Cinnamon Carrots
●      Buttered Spiced Beets
●      Creamed Spinach
●      Oven Roasted Zucchini

Appendix: Saints Who Help With Healing (Arranged by Feast Day)

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