Apocalypse: MANAGED

Hilarious and thought-provoking look at how a wide array of characters navigate the last day.

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“An engaging, eccentric end times novel.” –Foreword Clarion Reviews

Readers praise Apocalypse: MANAGED as a read-aloud book that will have you laughing out loud and thinking about the meaning of life in turns. Perfect for reading on a plane or at the beach, this is a light-hearted book that will leave you smiling and grateful for the light it shines on human foibles.

From the Cover:

The end is NEAR? No.


Edward Applebum always knows what to do. Getting through the Apocalypse in an appropriate manner is no exception, even though most of the world has been destroyed by the time he wakes up on the day of Armageddon.

Dragons swoop from the sky upon their hapless victims. Gog and Magog appear over what remains of London. The air is filled with the stench of the dead and the screams of the dying. Be that as it may, Edward sees no reason to panic. His companions naturally follow his lead: an American redneck, a Spanish fanatic, a navel-gazing Christian hipster, the best parish secretary the world has ever seen, an officious fish, a tufty old vicar, a frenemy demon, and, lest he be remiss, his wife, Audrey, who took it upon herself to let him sleep in today of all days.

Reminiscent of the styles of C.S. Lewis (The Great Divorce) and Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), this book combines deep insights into human nature with laugh-out-loud hilarity. Join Edward and company in this fast-paced comedy of errors set on the last day on Earth, and see if a life-long control freak can make room for mercy on his checklist.

ISBN: 978-1-953427-05-2

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