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Interview with author Melinda Johnson

Watch our interview with “Little Lost Nun” and prolific children’s author Melinda Johnson. We will delve into the path of writing this book, inspiration for the story, and how it can be used in both homes and church schools.

Link here:

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Interview with David Moses, illustrator

Author Kathryn Reetzke “God’s Saintly Friends,” had the pleasure of interviewing artist and illustrator David Moses about racial reconciliation in art, comic art, illustrations and Orthodoxy in this interview from our FB page. The last 8 minutes were cut off the interview due to FB technical issues.

Watch through the link below:

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A Cozy Chat with Author Nic Hartmann

This week author Kathryn Reetzke of “God’s Saintly Friends” had the opportunity to interview long time friend and author Nic Hartmann on Facebook Live. Nic’s book “Northern Lights of Christ” will be available in hand October 1st and is open now for pre-orders. Please follow the link here to view the interview and find out how hygge and Orthodoxy align.